FSC® certification

The FSC® certificate is increasingly requested, in addition the appreciation and recognition of the logo is also more frequent. It is clearly found and stated on the most remote products like pencils, paper towels and various types of packaging. For this reason it is important to clarify how this certification works.
Firstly, FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent NGO which defines social, environmental and economic criteria for a responsible supervision of forests. It deals with 3 fundamental principles:
• Forests must de dealt with and looked after in such a way able to preserve its value and integrity.
• The workers, communities and indigenous population must be respected.
• Guarantee equal access to economic benefits taken from the development of the market.
Consequently, a certificate of suitability is given (FSC®) for materials containing wood, coming from those forests. Not only, FSC® specialises in tracing and monitoring the process of transformation of certified raw materials until the finished product during all the processes. This check is called ‘chain of custody’.
Therefore to be able to get a product certified with FSC® it is necessary that all the conditions are respected: the materials must come from verified forests and the chain of custody maintained.

As a further guarantee the certification body undergoes periodical audits to verify that all the rules are rigorously respected. From manufacturers to simply commercial enterprises, if a company retains the respect for the environment a priority and responsibility the FSC® certification is essential.
At present, Taffarello can provide carrier bags certified FSC® produced with the following materials: white kraft, kraft single sided patinato - coating, recycled avana, recycled sealing avana and REPAPER (recycled white).