Riciclata Avana

The product reaching eco excellence must be:

  • 100% recycled
  • FSC® Certified

The 100% recycled avana paper has the perfect characteristics for the printing and production of machine made carrier bags. It is particularly resistant and homogenous.

It is the first election for whoever wants an ecological and economic product, furthermore, it is increasingly chosen for its aesthetics, especially when associated with neutral coloured printing.

In fact, the white coloured print on recycled avana paper is one of the most diffused and appreciated solutions, making it an increasing success and a new trend in the market.

The candid ink on the neutral tones of the material creates a surprising contrast, highlighting the eco look of the paper and the pureness of the colour white.
Often the basis of making the packaging pleasing to the eye is comprehension: by using white on the avana paper it is possible to have a new-looking product with an assured effect.
It is possible to choose three different levels of white: one layer for a lighter and particularly natural effect, two layers for a whiter and more covering result or two extra layers of colour for a spectacular effect.